…and so it begins…

with a phone call- a submission of credentials- an interview.. .we am returning. 

What it entails this time is not easy. I did the same trek with sled dogs 16 years ago with a husband and our daughters.  This time- I do it with another daughter.  Together her and I have been on many adventures of travel and this one will be no different. We will drive 3000 miles- stopping every four hours to drop dogs. It will take 2 weeks.  14 days. 

We will camp along the way- and sight see of course- some of my favorite places: Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, Head Smashed In Interpretive Center, Edmonton Mall (North American’s largest mall), and of course, Laird Hot Springs in British Columbia and my favorite place in the world is Steamboat, British Columbia.  

I am starting to make a list of of reminders from past errors-

  1. Do not put up tent in dark by Grizzly kill site
  2. Make certain to fill gas tank whenever possible.
  3. Always pack first needed things (tent) last.
  4. Carry French Press, coffee, and creamer in cab.
  5. Do not pack poop scooping shovel next to sleeping bags.
  6. Keep Milepost handy and check frequently as to not miss any interesting places/camp sights.
  7. Have swimsuits ready for Muncho Lake, British Columbia…and long underwear for after the breath-taking dip!
  8. Keep extra keys in a dog box– especially at Edmonton Mall!
  9. Stop in Whitehorse for best coffee EVER!
  10. While mountain driving, don’t look down.

…and so it begins.  🙂


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