Bio: I teach...therfore I am ever evolving.For years I taught in the far west coast of Alaska in a few little Yu'pik Eskimo villages. I then traveled to the Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska where I lived for a year. Due to family, I then moved to the northern arrowhead of Minnesota for two years where I lived on the banks of Bear Island River. That was as long as I could be away from this glorious state. I returned in 2016 to the interior (on the road system) where I remained for 3 years while my last child graduated high school. I drove 120 miles a day to teach in the Indian village of Northway- teaching Alaska Cultures, dog mushing, MS/HS English, and K-12 Special Education. In 3 weeks, I will travel to above the Arctic Circle to a small Inupiat village of Kivalina which is on a 7 mile sand spit that lies between the Chukchi Sea and the main land. I have a love of sled dogs, children, and good books. I love to sew, write, and listen to great music.

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